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Ray Williams

Hi Scott from Anglesey, Wales Uk. The current home of Prince William and Katherine!

I am interested in your course, but I am looking for a more intermediate level, rather than a complete beginners course, do you have anything in mind yet? For example I have seen facebook sites which look like they have been 'developed' i.e. bespoke pages, retail capability and in fact they look like a mini website. Is this within an intermediate's capability or has this development been done by professional designers? Great site and thanks for your onging motivation to me to make it online. Diolch (Thank you in Welsh!) Ray


Hi Ray,

Thanks for visiting today. I'm glad my site and work are helpful to you!

I don't have a specific recommendation for you for an intermediate social media course (yet).

I'd try Googling what you're seeking and then Googling again using the course providers name and a phrase like "complaint" or "problem" and see what you get.

That simple technique can help you cut through a lot of the BS online quickly.

Also, you're welcome to come join us at http://www.ClickMillionaires.com. That's my coaching forum and we discuss intermediate and advanced social media marketing techniques all day, every day!


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