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David Peters

Hi Scott,

Thanks for the post. One thought I had was regarding the positioning of the blog. I don't really know if I'm saying that right but my point is I've found that having your blog actually integrated into your actual website is much more effective than having you blog on a blogging platform like TypePad or Wordpress and just linking to your site. What are your thoughts on this? Also, if you own a product site, how often do you feel it's acceptable to use some of your blog copy to talk about a particular product that you sell? Can you do that without losing credibility or do you feel the blog should be strictly educational? Thanks as always, David

Scott Fox

Hi David,

Welcome back! Good questions.

Here are my thoughts:

1. Integrating your blog into your web site is good because it collects your visitor traffic in one place. This is good for SEO and encourages interactivity among visitors. But it can also be useful to separate your blog from your primary web site if you want to save money on integrating the platforms or to obtain 2 listings in search results. "In between" alternatives include using a blog AS your web site if you want to integrate them (which is what I do here on ScottFox.com) or keeping their platforms separate but integrating them by cross-linking through the links you use in your main navigation menus.

2. I think a blog is a great place to talk about your products. The test is not what you "should" do according to anyone's theories (including mine) but rather what your audience expects and wants. Of course, if all that you do is blog about your products, your audience is unlikely to keep reading...

Scott Fox

David Peters

Great idea, thanks! You hit on exactly what I was wondering about but didn't know the right way to ask it. I do maintain a separate blog away from my main site but just recently developed one within my actual website and wasn't sure if I should just drop the one or keep them both. I'll keep them both and cross link them.

Thanks again,

Justice Mandhla

Hi Scott

Thanks to David for asking the question about blogging and thanks to you for an informative response.

I have a different question though I would like to ask which has nothing to do with Blogs. I notice that you are advertising your books through banners as in this blog by saying your books are obtainable at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com.

How does one get such banners? I would like to place such banners on my website and blog.




Hi Scott,

Can you send me the links for downloads. I have purchased the book but it may take 3 weeks to come (I am in UK) and i would have forgot about the free downloads by then. My Amazon order number is 104-0013708-4122630. I cannot answer the question about page 94 as i have not received the book as yet.

Hope this is not too cheeky.

Also it makes good sense to me what your e-mail explains, unlike some other internet marketers.

Keep it simple.

While i am here i will ask a quick question - we have just attached a blog to our website and i am looking at doing the same blogs on wordpress. Do you advise the blogs go to many blog sites? If so do you know where i can find a list of the good one's?



Scott Fox

Hello Justice,
The ad banners for my books are affiliate ads available through the affiliate programs offered by Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.

You can join Amazon's program (they call it "Associates") on their site, and the BN.com program is available on BN.com and administrated by Google.

Both programs are free to join and can allow you to make commissions on any sales you refer to those web sites.

If you really want to learn more about Affiliate Programs, I'd recommend my Special Report, "Making Money with Affiliate Programs". This is a detailed, plain English guide to becoming a successful affiliate marketer. It's available in the Scott Fox Shop at www.ScottFoxShop.com.

Great to hear from you!
Scott Fox

Scott Fox

Hello Paul,
Thanks for your purchase of e-Riches 2.0. I hope it's very helpful to you.
We will send you via email the info you need to redeem the Special Reader Bonuses.
As for your question about blogs, I'm afraid that I don't understand what you're asking? If you'd like to clarify, I'm happy to give it a shot.
Best regards,
Scott Fox


Thanks Scott,

I am new to blooging and was just wondering if i should post my blogs to free/other blog sites as well as my own to try and increase SEO? Will it help?

If it will help do you have a list of other blog sites thst i can post me blogs to?



Jim Vickers

Hi Scott,
In your "Internet Riches" book, you introduced a couple neat ideas I'd like to incorporate in a blog. One was to provide value by functioning as an 'aggregrator' of information I pull togather from various sources. But I also like the idea of depending on the community for valuable content. Do you thing my blog could incorporate both, or would that muddy the waters
Thanks again for the great content.

Scott Fox

Hi Jim,
Great to hear from you.
Actually I think that your blog should incorporate both approaches. Today online publishing has moved beyond the 20th century "broadcast" approach. Audiences (like you!) at least prefer and now often expect some interactivity with their news sources.
I'd consider aggregating content from others (within legal limits) but also encouraging the community to discuss it and contribute their own, too.
If you haven't picked up e-Riches 2.0 yet, I discuss this approach thoroughly there.

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