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Blog Expert

Great list Scott!

Teri B. Clark

@teribclark - author on business/finance/real estate topics

I recommend @ncpatriot - GOP politics and job shift - his blog has excellent commentary


nice list. you follow back

Wilbur Turner

@kewleo - executive coach, speaker, blogger, sales guy
I recommend @CoachCharrise for her uplifting contribution to life


@mrgoya Painter of Possibilities and Agent of Change

I recommend @mrfire Joe Vitale a great leader of the "mind"


Thanks for the mention, Scott. :)

Elise Miller  @trendygoodnight

Hi Scott this is a great post; everyone that I follow. Here's a few.

Nile Flores @blondishnet
She does a shout out for bloggers on the weekend for reading blogs.

Mrs Toon @Custom_Avatars
Wow she can draw, she is an active tweeter and has a great sense of humour

She is very active in getting people to meetup for speeddating; she also is very politically witty.

I want his avatar! He is also alot of fun.

A legal beagle pursuing tweets while she takes her kids to the park.


@smashingmag will show you how to create a beautiful site that runs like a swiss watch.

@Philbradley is a librarian who stocks his shelves with great Twitter utilities.

@jfouts finds truly useful social media tools and services

@davidhornik is your typical unspoiled and down to earth uber successful Venture Capitalist

@seosmarty knows about search tactics that make sense

@BaskinRobbins is having a $0.31 per scoop day in April

Scott Fox

Thanks for these great suggestions, everyone.
Looking fwd to following these folks.
Thanks for participating!


Hi! I'm @JacobRV I tweet aout music, video games, and current events

Ryan Barnholdt

Most aren't secrets, but here are some of my favorites to follow...

@Mashable - latest news on Twitter, social networking and social media.

@danschawbel - leading personal branding expert for Gen-Y.

@leeodden - CEO & Chief Evangelist TopRankMarketing.com

I consume and supply great stories on Marketing, Media, and Public Relations...

Derek Jones

For life style and do it better and faster info, Tim Farris of The 4 Hour Work Week

and soon to be www.dcj21.net



@greenirene - for those interested in becoming an ecopreneur, they provide the tools/training to become an eco-consultant.

Kim Djurberg

@kimpadj you will get a mix of daily personal issues, with a marketing and sale perspective.

Mike CJ

Cool! Thanks for the mention Scott!

Bill Jelen

Thanks for the mention Scott!
I follow:
@webvixn - a twitter guru
@LeoLaporte - tech guy Leo Laporte


follow me follow me!!



@morganpolotan - tweets about real food and fitness

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