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Zoraida Cespedes

The "Your Product Presence" figure is very helpful. I have printed the article and will definitely use it as a guide for my goal to increase sales. I look forward to the next articles with steps 2 and 3.

P.S. Love the title of the article "Why your crappy Web Site is not enough".

Eddie Lewis

I'm a little confused. Your past few blogs have been worded in ways that make them appear to contradict the info in your book, but I don't remember the book, Internet Riches, ever saying that a "crappy website" was enough to make sales.

In a previous post, you wrote something about how sites are going to have to have relative content on them from now on. I don't remember the book every saying otherwise. You made it very clear in the book the importance of good copy.

I just don't see how these new blogs represent a change from the original information.

Yes, the "death of SEO marketing" means that things must be more "legit" to work. When I read your more recent blogs, my first thought was, "Praise God!!! Maybe NOW I will be spared the agony of finding totally irrelevant pages when I'm searching for things on Google."

I can't tell you how annoying it is when a Google search offers pages full of ads and affiliate links with NO valid content or copy. What a waste of time and an insult to our intelligence!!!

I think that kind of "marketing" may have worked for a very short time only because some people who are new to computers and internet technology may not have known that the pages they were visiting were just bogus sights put up by people hoping to score a percentage of clicks. But to call it marketing is FAR off the mark.

The stuff in your recent blogs doesn't seem so earth shattering to me and I'm surprised that it's being voiced this way.

Am I missing something?


Do you have a free store front company that you can reccomend. You mentioned Amazon in your book and Zilo on your but do you know of others?

Scott Fox

Hello Eddie,
First of all, thanks for reading my blog and book so closely! Great to hear that. I hope that all the info is helpful to you.
As you say, I have never recommended insubstantial web sites as a path to success. These most recent posts are somewhat reiterating related points for a few reasons: a) the blog has a wider audience that includes many people who have not yet read Internet Riches, b) these posts are an extension of the material in Internet Riches so I can get feedback from new readers about what to include in my new book, and c) I'm not finished yet - the next two posts in the Next Generation Marketing series are going to develop these concepts much further but needed these points laid out first to provide context.
I hope that helps explain.
Thanks again for the thoughtful critique. Please keep reading and commenting!

Scott Fox

Hi Janice,
Amazon and Zlio are the ones I know the best but there are many free e-commerce web site store services around today, and many more that are inexpensive.
Googling "free web site store" will bring you many to chose from.
Thanks for visiting.

Eddie Lewis

Thanks for the response. I think I get it now. For some reason, I was thinking of your blogs as an extension of the book, simply because I read the book first. It didn't dawn on me that there are other people who have never read your book. (Shame on them for that. lol)

Thanks again.



Liked the graphic! Copied into my notes for my upcoming marketing plan - it comes to me at just the right time. Thanks!

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