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John Higgins


I've read Internet Riches and I'm working hard on a site. I'd really like to know whether you have found that Site Build It really delivers the help it promises. Is it easy to use, does the brainstorming area work well, does it really deliver the traffic it promises? I'd like to know as the $299 would be quite an investment for me.


PS I learned loads from the book, thanks.

Scott Fox

Hi John,
Like most things, SBI will give you back what you put into it - no guarantees.
However, it is the best system I've found. And they provide lots of help. The SBI forums are very active and full of other entrepreneurs sharing tips and support with one another.
I hope that helps.
p.s. Keep an eye open for their occasional specials, too. Sometimes the SBI system goes on sale for much less.

Vanessa Vinos

Dear Scott

I am looking to start a new internet business using your book as my guide. Can you tell me can I use SBI if I want a personlised logo which is then used on compliment slips, stationary etc, or is it more limiting as you are using specified templates. I supposed I am asking is it possible to build a brand using SBI?
Many thanks in advance for your advice.
Kind regards
p.s your book has become like a business bible for me!

Scott Fox

Hello Vanessa,
I'm glad that Internet Riches has been so helpful to your new business.
Your question is a good one but detailed enough that I think you should ask SBI directly. They have excellent customer support - including an offer to talk to a real SBI site owner (not just a customer rep) anytime.
Click on the graphic link above to visit the SBI site and I'm sure you'll find the contact info to do that easily. (And once you've reached them, I'm sure you'll have a few more questions, too.)


Interesting. I reviewed what this service can do. My question is why should I switch my yahoo merchant 39.95 packaged for this. Tell me and I may consider changing it. Yes I am very interested!

Scott Fox

Hi Mireya,
No, I don't think that SBI is a substitute for a store system.

SBI is great at building a well optimized SEO web site and attracting customers, but it doesn't include a shopping cart and the detailed e-commerce tools that Yahoo Merchant does.

If you like SBI, it can be used as the "front end" for a store, but does not replace one.

Thanks for that good question and helping me to clarify this important point.

Scott Fox


Hi Scott,

Thanks for a great book and also the audio book. Listening to it gave me the push and inspiration I needed to start off on my own and am loving it!

I have an e-commerce site which is doing ok. My question is - can I use a few SBI sites that all feed into my website that already has a shopping cart?

So, for example, if my e-commerce site is a gardening site, would it be a good idea to create different SBI sites as front ends - e.g. a weedkiller site, a roses site, a gardening advice site, but which redirect the user to the e-commerce site if/when they want to make a purchase. Then these sites can be optimised according to their subject?

Many Thanks,

Scott Fox

Hi Mahesh,

Yes, I believe that you could use multiple SBI sites to create different front ends for different product lines or topics, all feeding into the same store.
As you suggest, that would give you the ability to more precisely target the SEO for each front end web site.
You wouldn't want to vary the topics too much, however, because then your store's collection of products might appear random and confusing to visiting customers.
Overall I think your approach is a clever and cost-effective suggestion.
Good thinking!

Tiji Thomas

Scott, I loved your book and I took a ton of notes, but I have no product and no store, and am blocked mentally on where I should start. I believe in the power of the internet and I have a shoestring budget to start with. I need your help! What can I do even after I've tried the exercises in your book?



Hi all

Just a comment on SBI, I have been working on SBI for months and haven't got a site up yet. I find that it is too indepth and is confusing the hell out of me; it has caused me to have analysis paralysis. There is soooo much stuff on their site I get lost. I am sure it is very good at what it does, I just wish it was easier to follow.

Scott Fox

Hello Trait,

Yes, there is a LOT of info in the SBI system.

I wrote a detailed report about Site Build It's affiliate program (available for download from the www.ScottFoxShop.com fyi). That report was full of recommendations for SBI but the one principal complaint was the often confusing layout of their system and the volume of info offered.

Have you tried participating in the free SBI forums? These discussion boards are full of helpful, friendly fellow SBI owners.

If you spent some time there I'll bet you could meet some people with similar interests/experience who could be helpful to you in moving your new e-business forward.

Thanks for stopping by!
Scott Fox


Hi Scott,

Your book was a wealth of information, and really has me thinking. In thinking about pursuing a new business opportunity, I am not sure which system to go with. If I should go with SBI and integrate a shopping cart (such as ShopSite) or simply go with a less specialized site such as go daddy because it is cheaper. I realize the importance of traffic on my site in order to create revenue, but does SBI really provide that much more traffic than the other sites? (supposing the work I put in is equal on both sites.) Thank you Scott!



You are an affiliate of SBI, which I'm sure skews your opinion a bit. How about the negatives of SBI? Every company has negatives, what are the downfalls of this one?

Scott Fox

Hi Lauren,
Thanks for your good question.
To be more specific, SBI does not provide any traffic. What makes SBI different is the tools their system provides to help you identify key words and topics for use on your web site to attract traffic from the search engines. I don't know of any other system like this that is part of a web site building, hosting, and coaching service like theirs.
So, yes, it is a lot more expensive than a typical cheap hosting deal but there really are a lot more services offered, too.
Have you listened to the free podcast noted at the end of the blog post above? It's me interviewing the founder of SBI and shares a lot of details that may be helpful in your decision.
(They offer 100% guarantee, btw, in case you don't like it.)

Scott Fox

Hi Anne,
Thanks for your question.
I'm glad you asked it. I don't mean to come across like a shill for SBI. It's just that I don't know of any other services that are as thorough as theirs for beginning web site entrepreneurs.
However, here are some of the negatives about SBI that I outlined in my recent Special Report about becoming an SBI affiliate:
- Ugly: The Site Build It interfaces and emails are old school and hard to read. This can be really distracting, as well as keep your new web site business from looking as "cool" as you might like.
- Overwhelming: There is so much info available from SBI about how to use their system that it can overwhelm you. It also makes it difficult sometimes to find things on their sites.
- Expensive: At $300/year SBI is more costly than the cheap hosting deals which are its primary competition.
- Basic: Site Build It is designed for newbies. If you already understand web design, SEO, online marketing, niche content selection and production, etc. then SBI will be too elementary for your e-business needs.
- Hard work: SBI costs real money but doesn't guarantee that you'll make any money. Success with SBI depends on your hard work. However, that's the story with all online business, real world business, and real life, too.
These factors together can combine to make SBI expensive and overwhelming.
SBI is not a get rich quick system but a set of tools for those who are willing to work to use them (sort of like the advice in my books).
So, despite all those negatives, I do continue to recommend SBI repeatedly.
I hope that info is helpful to you!
Thanks again for highlighting these points.
Scott Fox

p.s. if you are interested in becoming an SBI affiliate, too, visit http://www.SiteBuildItAffiliateReview.com for more details on their free program.


Dear Mr. Scott,

I've listened twice your first book in my car and now have ordered the 2nd one via Amazon. Thanks a lot - I've found it very useful.

I'd like to build a web-site which combines the database and survey functionalities. Could you please recommend any ASPs?

Many thanks,


Dear Mr. Scott,

One more thing, I'd like to double check with you please: is www.craigslist.com recommended in your first book not free anymore? they seem to charge $75 for 1 post

Thanks & Regards,

Scott Fox

Hi Borys,

The audio version of Internet Riches has been a top-seller. Glad to hear that it was so useful to you, too.

Most web sites that use databases are a bit too complex and customized for me to give advice about but if you haven't already, I'd look at Zoho and Google Docs to start with. Both offer database type functionality on an ASP basis.

And if you need custom databases built, I'd try elance.com or rentacoder.com to find qualified outsourced help.

For surveys I recommend Survey Monkey.

And yes, Craigslist does now charge for some postings (like help wanted job offers). But most categories (like selling used goods, or offering services) are still free. The category I use most and recommend for posting in is "Gigs". It's useful for attracting short term help and it is still free.

Best of luck in your e-business adventures.
Please drop by again soon!
Scott Fox


Hi Scott, I am excited to start an online business of my own and was wondering if you could suggest a website builder for an informational travel website. I may also plan on offering online booking in the future. I got wrapped up in StoresOnline a few years ago and want to make sure I don't make that kind of mistake again. I am looking for the most cost effective tools that I can find. Thank you

Scott Fox

Hi Regina,

I currently recommend Typepad for a simple web site or blog.

I also recommend Site Build It! if you are new to online marketing and also need help learning and deploying an effective SEO keyword strategy.

Reviews of both these systems are available here on ScottFox.com. (The Site Build It! one is just above!)

Neither of those systems offers e-commerce capabilities, however. For that I have recently encountered a service at www.GoodBarry.com. I have not yet used it myself but it looks like a pretty strong tool set that you could cost-effectively configure yourself.

A lower cost alternative that works pretty well is the shopping cart available from Go Daddy. This is what I use to power the Scott Fox Shop (www.ScottFoxShop.com). It's less than $10/month.

I hope that's helpful to you.

Scott Fox

Elvis Taveras

My name is Elvis T. I am a traditional professional in the insurance adjusting industry. I am not an expert but I think there is an opportunity to sell information on how to succeed in this industry. It can be either a CD book system or a coaching program, but I don't know which is the best way to start. Also, I am new to internet marketing so that kind of makes things a bit harder. where should i start?
P.S. I just purchased the domain name from Bluehost ($89.) which has unlimted everything, and I am paying some one to build a site for $200.00 I just found SBI and your site.thanks.

Scott Fox

Hello Elvis,
I'm certain that there is opportunity online for insurance adjusters like you. Your expertise can give you a strong competitive advantage in that specialization.
I would start simple. Develop an ebook or autoresponder email course that you can use to attract subscribers. Then dialogue with those subscribers to see what they want more of and how you can best deliver it.
I hope that your domain purchase price of $89 is a typo? That's a ridiculously high price to pay for a domain name registration these days. Check out my own www.InternetMillionaireDomains.com for much better prices than that on domain registration.
SBI may be a good option for you if you are new to the online marketing business.
I would also suggest (of course!) that you read both my books. For less than $30, the combo of Internet Riches and e-Riches 2.0 would give you a huge boost forward on your path to profitability.
Please visit again to tell us how you are doing.
(And subscribe to my free email newsletters here to keep up to date: http://www.scottfox.com/free-email-newsletters.html)
Scott Fox


Scott, a point of clarification. It appears that as of October 1, 2009 Goodbarry.com was purchased by Adobe and they will no longer be selling direct (retail). If anyone wants to use their service, they have to go through a reseller.

Scott Fox, Author of Internet Riches and e-Riches 2.0

Hi Andre,
Thanks very much for that update.
It looks like Adobe liked their systems even more than I did! It also appears that they will be closing the Good Barry retail web site hosting operations, so that now removes it as viable option for most folks.


Hello Scott,

Thanks so much for the valuable info.

I already have a website for my business (cicloanmodifications.com)using wix.com. Can I link my current site to SBI or do I have to develop a new site using their site building tools? I ask because it looks like sites designed thru SBI look elementary but I really want to use SBI for their other features.

Thanks Again,

Scott Fox, Click Millionaire

Hi Mike,
SBI's strength is the SEO training that it provides and the SEO optimization that it builds into your site as part of its process.

You could certainly link to another site from your SBI site, but doing that would skip right over one of the primary reasons for using SBI in the first place.

I would recommend visiting SBI and asking them how to best combine your existing site with their service's best features. Their customer support team is excellent (most of them are SBI site operators and entrepreneurs themselves).

Thanks for visiting and writing.


Hi Mike,

I'm Amy Biddle, SBI! Advisor for SiteSell, and I'm also one of those SBI! site owners that Scott mentioned.

I checked out your site, and because it's built on a Flash template, you wouldn't be able to move it directly to SBI!.

The Site Build It! templates are search engine friendly, and allow for search engines to spider them (Flash templates cannot be spidered by the search engine bots).

However, you can benefit from SBI! in a lot of ways. You could build what's called a "portal" site (also known as a "feeder" site) with Site Build It!, and in a sense become your own best affiliate by sending traffic to your current site.

By using this method, you'll control your advertising costs (SBI! is only $299 per year, or you can choose the monthly payment plan of $29.99 per month) -- because SBI! is a lot cheaper than buying leads or PPC in most cases.

Plus you'll be able to use all of the SBI! tools to help grow your business in other ways.

For example, you'll have form building tools (to make what some people call "capture pages") so you can collect leads' contact info. You can also use these forms to make surveys or questionnaires.

This module also includes autoresponders. Your readers could sign up for an e-course that you can automatically deliver at intervals you choose.

You can also use a module called Content 2.0 to have your site visitors add their own questions to the site -- you can use this as a continuously updated Frequently Asked Questions page! (There are many uses for Content 2.0, and SBI! site owners have gotten really creative with it).

To get all you can out of SBI!, be sure to follow the Action Guide (the course you'll go through to learn SBI!) to a tee. You'll do VERY well.

So Mike, the short answer to your question is that you'll build a "portal" site with SBI! to take advantage of the SBI! tools, training and support. The subscription includes domain registration and hosting. So it's a great way to build a lead generating machine for your business.

All the best,

Donathan Waliyyuddin

Hi Scott and Amy, my name is Donathan I am a loyal and grateful Scott Fox customer. I would like to comment on Amy's post about Site Build It. I am in the process of signing on with Site Build It and I would like to thank you for recommending this site. I have invested a lot of money and time into mastering Web 2.0 so I am not a novice. By investing my time and money I can really appreciate what Site Build It has put together. I pride myself of being the master of spotting "Get Rich Quick Garbage" and this is the voice of experience saying I am impressed and I haven't brought it yet, but I am tomorrow. Thank you again Scott and Amy.

Lincoln lease


First off great book!
SBI looks good, but I'm kind of stumped on which web template service to use. I don't want just a webpage...I want to create a site that allows members to create a profile, upload photos, write descriptions, etc. while at the same time being able to approve/disapprove what they post. Basically I want to put sellers and buyers together for a specialized niche in a specific market. Would SBI enable this?

Thanks, Lincoln

Scott Fox, Click Millionaire

Hi Lincoln,
As far as I know, that would be beyond what SBI offers.
However, you should check with the friendly folks at SBI. They are adding new features to their systems all the time and I know that they (like the rest of the Web) have been moving toward more social content.
Thanks for visiting.
Scott Fox


Hi Scott,

I was all over the SBI website yesterday and am very intrigued. Yes, it's a lot of money but it sounds like if you're willing to put the work in, you could be very successful. Thanks for recommending it!

Lucie Lewis

In August, Regina commented on getting involved with StoresOnline a few years ago and not wanting to make that mistake again. I had made the decision that I needed to get online to promote my freelance writing after every book I read said that was important. I happened to find an invitation to a StoresOnline marketing event a few weeks ago, so I went. I purchased the Express package only to find out after attending an all day session today that this might not be the right platform for me. Thanks to Internet Riches, I understood the session and did not get cajoled into buying the very expensive upgrade where the functionality is. Can I move the work I have done (the site is not yet published) to SBI? How do I know that is a better tool for me? I am still trying to figure out what I am expecting to gain from the site. Maybe that is in the next freelance writer's getting started book.

Scott Fox, Author of e-Riches 2.0

Hi Lucie,
It sounds like this StoresOnline operation is one to be avoided!
I don't know enough about it to give you a good answer about its transferability to SBI.
Since you have just joined my private ClickMillionaires.com coaching community, can I suggest you post this question in the Forum there?
Many Click Millionaires members are successful SBI users. Together we can help you figure this out.
Scott Fox

Tony Argyle

Hi Scott

I notice you have moved away from recommending ipowerweb since the internet riches book. Have you discovered any shortcomings with them since or do you just think Site Build It offers more?

Scott Fox, Author of e-Riches 2.0

Hi Tony,
Yes, I revoked my recommendation of Ipowerweb a long time ago. This was because they changed the web site building tools they offered and also because their customer service stunk.

More details here:

These days I mostly recommend Typepad or SBI.
Here's a Typepad review:

I am also an affiliate for both services because I believe their products are well-suited to my readers.


Hi Scott,

I am thinking of setting up a site that sells content to it´s audience. I came across a website development company call subhub.com, which seems to fit the bill.

What´s your take on subhub.com? Have you had any experience with them?

How do you think their service offering might differ from that of SBI?

One more thing, I am based in a non-US country, and my audience, at least in the short-term will not include English speaking people. Would this in anyway hinder my relationship or limit website funcionality if I were to take out the services of a company such as subhub.com or SBI!? Would SBI!´s SEO service, and other services, still be valid in my home country?

I am a complete novice in the world of online businesses (well, a little less now after reading your inspiring book!), so please keep this in mind.



Elon Bomani

I love your work, Scott. I just finished your second book, E-Riches 2.0. Awesome!

I like Wordpress.com because of its content management system in place for techi-challenged folks like me and those that I help make money online.

Our goal is to get page ranked higher on the seach engines like yesterday.

I use to be an affiliate of SiteBuilder, but since Wordpress.com is FREE and it's new version is so user-friendly for techi-challenged folks,I think people I work with will make more money online quicker and easier.

What do you think?

Dr. Elon Bomani

Scott Fox, Click Millionaires

Hello Luke,
I know SubHub pretty well. I like their service a lot.
I think that SubHub could be a good solution for you if you are trying to sell content online in the form of memberships or access-restricted web site pages.
SubHub differs from SBI in that it has payment processing for customers built-in to the platform. As far as I know, SBI does not. That difference is very important if you are trying to bill site visitors/members, especially on a recurring basis.
I can’t give you much advice on non-English SEO unfortunately. I expect the principles that drive SBI’s SEO strategies would still apply in other languages but that’s outside of my personal experience.
I would visit SBI and ask them!
I hope that’s helpful.
Glad to hear that my book was inspiring enough to get you this far!

Hi Dr. Elon,
I think WP is great and free is a price that can’t be beat.
If you are helping your clients use WP, then that sounds fine.
But many folks who are new to e-business (without a mentor like you or me) can be easily overwhelmed by WP. It has so many options and plug-ins and updates and security fixes that I don’t recommend it. (In fact, I don’t use it myself for those same reasons.)
I recommend SBI instead. Site Build It offers introductory training in strategy and SEO for beginners as part of its cost. I would rather see a new e-business entrepreneur spend a little money up-front to learn from SBI (or my own ClickMillionaires.com) than “save money” by using a free system that confuses them and wastes their enthusiasm on techie tweaking instead of building a business.
Thanks for visiting and for your comments,
Scott Fox

Andrea Densley

Hi Scott,

Several months ago after reading your book and posts I signed up with SiteBuildIt! There is an amazing amount of info there, I can takes hours just researching things. I got bogged down,had some computer glitches and lost my momentum. I intend to get back with it.I recently read your post about TypePad and signed up for it. Now I'm thinking, are these both just two "portal" type things? Do I need them both? Here is my objective--I design and manufacture dresses. I need an online store and eventually a password protected page for a wholesale catalog. I have no "shoppingcart" or storefront yet, I now have SBI and Typepad and not sure how to use this to my benefit. Any suggestions?

Scott Fox, Click Millionaires

Hi Andrea,
I will followup with you more directly by email in response to this same question submitted at AskScottFox.com.
But the short answer here is that yes, it sounds like you have 2 web sites but no store...

mark laughran

how do i sign up for site build it so you get the credit? have both your books and want to grow my little website and move it to site build it. i put up on 1 and 1 thank you!\mark laughran

Scott Fox, Click Millionaires

Hi Mark,
Thanks for asking. That's very nice of you.

The link http://www.TrySiteBuildIt.com will give me affiliate credit for a purchase of SBI.

I'm glad my books are so helpful to you!


Hi Scott,
Thanks for the great book and website, so helpful! SBI sounds great with all the SEO services. I would like to find a hosting/website solution service for a digg-like website. Would SBI work? Could you recommend a hosting/website solution service?
Thanks & regards

David Cadogan

Hi Scott

Like so many of your other contributors, I have found your books very helpful indeed and I have started implementing the advice you have provided. I have written my very first blog this evening! ;-)))

A couple of things ...

Firstly, putting aside any financial interest in promoting SBI you may have to one side, is SBI still such great value in your opinion? $30 per month per site is not nothing in my world and I really need to ensure my costs are driven down, commensurate with developing traffic volume and providing visitors with a good experiance they want to return to and recommend to others, until I start getting some financial return on my investment. Ultimately, I am looking to develop a couple of sites to promote and (hopefully) provide income streams to complement and support some books I am writing about personnel and training matters.

Secondly, is there a truly free quality auto-responder service I can hook into? Freeblitz looks good but again, at this very early stage, I need to keep running costs to a minimum (tempered with the need to provide quality of customer experiance).

Apologies if I sound like I am trying to do things on a shoe-string budget, but that’s how it is at this early stage!




hi Scott, I bought your book internet riches 11 months ago. In between that time I've scrambled to pay my bills, by waiting tables, phone sales, anything. Prior to that from '05-'08 I earned a good income in the mortgage industry,but now I am serious about an internet business. In my mind I have a good idea, like anything else time is of the essence. I've taken three weeks off to get it going, I am in week 2, my blood pressure is rising, I am having a hard time focusing, I feel stressed. Here is my question, are these feelings common? And two, I'm starting to feel like a dog chasing my tail.... There is so much info out there, and everyone deserves to make a living, but I'm getting dizzy, and yes I have a couple of bucks to invest, but where does it all end, that I can get to a point and just "voila" I'm in business online?

Scott Fox, Click Millionaires

Hi Erin,

A Digg-type site is much more complex than SBI would support. You would need a custom built system to allow for all the user accounts, voting, submission processes, etc. SBI is more for basic content sites that offer articles, photos, and similar content. Sorry!

Hello David,
My recommendation of SBI is based on the fact that it is the only solution I know of that provides extensive SEO training as part of its web site building/hosting package, not on the affiliate commissions I may receive. That training plus the many other services included in the cost make SBI the best package I'm aware of for new web site entrepreneurs. $30/month may sound like a lot from where you are sitting today but if you're not confident you can make more than that from your new business, it isnt really a business, is it? (And with their new monthly payment option you can cancel anytime if it turns out you don’t like it or your direction changes.)

Autoresponders: No, there is no free autoresponder service that I'm aware of. That would be great to find but the importance and complexity of email delivery services suggest to me that it's unlikely there will ever be a completely free version unfortunately.

I applaud your shoe-string budget approach, being smart with your capital is key to entrepreneurial success. But you also need to "invest" where appropriate to get things started and delivered correctly.

Glad that my books are helpful to you and I appreciate your good questions/comments!

Dear John,
Yes, your feelings of pressure and stress are common in any situation where you've only given yourself 3 weeks to build something important. That's not unique to Internet business!

If you are scrambling to pay your bills, it sounds to me like you may want to slow down. E-business is not a quick fix and your time may be better spent getting your bills paid from your "real" jobs first and working on the online ideas part-time as you go.

As you know if you've read my books, lots of people have found great success online but it's not often it shows up overnight. A whole lot of baby steps may be a better approach for you than trying for one huge leap.

You might also consider joining my ClickMillionaires.com private coaching community. We have members from all over the world building new ventures online part-time and the coaching we all provide each other may be just the sort of support and encouragement (and technical and business advice) that you need.

I hope that's helpful.

Thank you all for visiting and commenting,
Scott Fox

David Cadogan

Hi Scott

Many thanks for your feedback. I have bitten the bullet (so to speak) and am giving SBI! a go. Although it is very early days, I am happy with this decision - I think it probably will be money well spent though it is difficult to know when the 'return' part will happen from the investment.

You're so right about about keeping costs low but not so low that you look cheap and end up providing a poor customer experiance, and your recent video Sermon on the same matter is also a timely reminder.

Thanks for your help.


Paul Costanzo

Hi Scott

Your books are top notch and have given my lots of great ideas on how to expand my current business. I build custom furniture and wanted to expand selling smaller items that can be shipped. I have read everything on SBIs site and looked at the examples of customers sites. It seems like 99% of the customer sites are information sites with affiliates and lots of google ads. I only found a couple that integrated a shopping cart. Is this really the way to go if I have to purchase a third party shopping cart? You said in your review that the interfaces and email are old school and the site might not be as cool as you want. That's going to be a big part in my decision. The sites I looked at didn't look that great and were very distracting. Bottom line, I'm looking to design a very cool looking site with a great shopping cart that generates traffic.



>>Hi David,
I hope that your SBI venture is going well. Thanks for all of your comments here on ScottFox.com. I appreciate your involvement.

>>Hello Paul,
I'm glad that my books have been helpful to you. Your custom furniture business sounds cool and like it could find a great audience online.

I agree that most SBI sites are information and advertising oriented. If you are design-oriented and e-commerce is your business model, I think that SBI may not be the best choice for you.

The SBI training and support is still excellent, however, so it may be worth checking their latest capabilities directly with SBI.

Thanks for visiting to comment!

Scott Fox

[My SBI link for reference: http://www.trysitebuildit.com ]

Richard F. Sands

Yup I agree that Higher SEO means more traffic, which means more customers, so obviously this part of the system is a good investment.

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