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I've used Typepad for a year now, and I love it. I've recommended it to several friends who are also happy with it. I've been using it as a professional blog, but I have plans to use it to set up a website for my writing coaching. I love that the Typepad platform is so flexible and allows me both these options. Honestly, I'm pretty much on a need-to-know basis with anything techie, so if I can do it, anybody can. I do agree with you, however, that the stats are awful.

Thanks for all your great information in your book and your newsletter.


Hey Scott -
Do you recommend TypePad over SBI as the best overall solution for Blog creation/hosting, or is SBI a better choice?


Scott Fox

SBI and Typepad are both excellent tools. They are for different purposes, however, and which is best for you depends on which stage you are in your development of a new online business.

Site Build It is the best I have seen in helping a person create a new business idea from scratch, for example.

Typepad provides great hosting, especially for blogs, but presumes that you already know what you want your site to be about.

If you add this perspective and use the links above to read my reviews of both services again, that should help you make an educated choice.

Keep us posted on your progress!
Scott Fox

Walter  Johnson

Hey, Scott....on your recommendation, I went with TypePad, the Pro edition, and I must say I am NOT impressed! Admitedly, this is my very first day...only been toying around with the system for a few hours. It seems aweful complicated....it is hard to even discover how to contact someone. Of course, I want to get rid of the 'typepad' in my URL, and that seems very complicated. You have to go to another provider, and log in, but it seems they want you to go with their system (and charge you) to be able to log in.

I see now it is going to take me days or longer to establish an attractive, well functioning website. TypePad is not all that quick either. Maneurving around in the control center is not all that easy either.

Would there be an advantage in going with SBI? But they want $300 up front!

Thanks for any response. Walter Johnson

Scott Fox

Hi Walter,
Typepad is easy to use at its basic levels. It sounds like you are trying to jump up to advanced user rather quickly. I definitely encourage that but there is a learning curve.
SBI is good also but offers a different approach - they are more about figuring out what business to pursue before you set up a site. Typepad is more about setting up a site for an idea you already have.
In either case, money should not be your deciding factor ($300 vs. $150) here - you should use the system that best fits your strategy. The amount of time you may lose trying to fit a square peg in a round hole will cost you more than the monetary difference.
In sum, if you have already gotten started with Typepad, I would keep going. It's a solid and useful platform to use for your e-business, especially if it is content-based.
Hope that helps.
Thanks for writing.


I would like you ,Scott, to please just tell me which one system or one company could I just contact to do everything for me--since I could not understand, not even one darn bit a thing what Type Pad was saying.

I know nothing about internet, HTML and anything and everything that has to do with the internet , let alone build a site...so....

For people like me, should I go to Site Builder?

How much would I be paying out in time and in the future ,too, if say I choose to do something like Site Builder?


Just curious, how much did you get from TypePad to recommend their services?

Scott Fox

Hi Timmy,
Typepad pays $30 per referred sale through Commission Junction. That's an affiliate advertising commission (as outlined thoroughly in my book, Internet Riches).

This same affiliate offer is available to you, too, if you like their service enough to recommend it.

More importantly, my reviews are not just ads. I only recommend services that I personally review. And I have revoked similar recommendations for other services (like IPowerWeb) which pay much higher commissions because their service deteriorated.

In this case, I not only recommend Typepad, but I use it myself for ScottFox.com. Their service is that good and that's why I recommend it.


Thanks for the reply...for Commission Junction, their advertiser application requires a new applicant to "Generate a minimum of $50,000 per month in online sales".

How do you suggest a new e-business to sale that much in 1 month (let alone a year)?

Furthermore, it says "No template or blog sites"...which excludes Typepad I believe. Then how do you create an account with Commission Junction?

Thanks again...awesome book by the way

Scott Fox

Hi Timmy,
You don't want to become an advertiser on Commission Junction but an affiliate. Try visiting CJ.com again and looking at the application to become an affiliate publisher instead. The requirements are much lower.

Glad that you liked Internet Riches!
Scott Fox



For the long-tail it seems that Blogspot is still more popular than Wordpress. Wordpress is more popular among the SEO and blogging-about-blogging type blogs, of course, but that’s because they know the pros cf, Blogspot’s cons.

Joanne Julius Hunold

Hey Scott,

I have a typepad blog(and I am pleased with how easy it is to manage). I recently joined their affiliate program through Commission Junction. Just wondering what your experience is with the affiliate program -- I've made a few referrals who became paid customers and so far it has been like pulling teeth to get Six Apart to credit me.

Have you been getting your commissions consistently and in a timely fashion? I even have trouble getting an email response!

Scott Fox

Hello Joanne,
This is an excellent question.
I have to admit that I have not been tracking very closely on my affiliate commissions from Six Apart.
Sounds like maybe I should be!
Please keep us posted - we'd all like to hear more if their affiliate program proves to be unreliable.
Thanks for the comment.


Hello Scott. I found Internet Riches to be a valuable and easily accessible resource. I'm searching for a host and want to learn who my soon-to-be competitors are using. Can you tell me the easiest way to find out this information if I only know my competitors' domain names?


Scott Fox

Hello Mark,
Glad that you enjoyed Internet Riches.
Your question is a good one.
I would start with whois.net or any domain name registration site that allows you to check where other domains are registered. This won't necessarily tell you where they are hosted but there's often an overlap.

Joanne Julius Hunold

A follow up on my affiliate experience with Six Apart: after sending 3 email messages and making a point that I had sent 2 previous messages, I got a response via email. I was asked for details of the transaction (who, when, URL created). Lucky for me this was a direct referral so I was able to supply all the info. About one week later, my commission was credited to my CJ account. No one was able to explain why the tracking did not seem to work (they had registered the original click, so why was the purchase not registered?). The Six Apart rep was very polite and responsive -- once I got their attention.

My conclusion, if you are persistent in contacting Six Apart, they are willing to work with you. However, you also need to be on top of your referrals so that you can supply the needed information to track the transaction. If you are dealing with large volume, this isn't practical. But if you are doing one-off referrals to personal acquaintances (such as I do)then you can get commissions with a little extra work. Perhaps Six Apart will improve their tracking procedures in the future.

Scott Fox

This is disturbing, Joanne. Thanks for sharing these details with everyone.
Please keep us posted.


Why would I pay for typepad when I can use Word Press?

Scott Fox

Hi Vin,
Well the simple answer is that Wordpress is more complicated than many people (including me) want to deal with.
I love the concept behind open source software but hate dealing with the constant upgrades needed. It requires some serious technical knowledge to keep up with Wordpress (not to mention the constant installing and upgrading of all the plug-ins).
With Typepad you have a more defined set of options but that also means more stability and less worries about maintenance.
I like to spend my time on content and marketing, not technology. That's why I recommend Typepad to my readers - because I think that's where they should spend their time, too.
Thanks for asking.


Thanks for your tips, I didn't use it till now.Some of my friends are also suggesting me to use it as a professional blog.


when can i use Word Press?

Scott Fox

Hi Anil,
As I said above, Wordpress is a very popular and useful platform but it requires more technical attention than I recommend new online entrepreneurs deal with.
If you already have a tech background, upgrades, plug-ins, and the WP interface may be easy enough for you to deal with. Many folks prefer simpler tools, including me.
Thanks for asking.

Chris L.

Hi Scott, I just finished reading Internet Riches. Didn't realize you had a new book out so I'm feeling "behind the times". Loaded question I guess, but how much of an "update" is there in the new book? Regardless, your book I just read was exceptional. Your website of new information / updates, recommendations, etc. is game changing (my initial impression at least). Had it not been for your website, I would have signed onto iPowerWeb. Thanks from helping prevent that costly mistake. Keep up the good work for us new e-commerce folks.


Chris L.

Scott Fox, Click Millionaire

Hello Chris,
e-Riches 2.0 is not an update to Internet Riches, it is a 100% new book.
Where Internet Riches teaches how anyone can start an e-business, e-Riches 2.0 is a sequel that details the many new ways to market that business online.
It focuses on blogging, email publishing, social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, podcasting, etc.
If you like Internet Riches, then e-Riches 2.0 is the next step for you!
Thanks for reading and commenting, too.
Scott Fox

p.s. If you buy e-Riches 2.0, be sure to come back here to redeem the several special "Reader Bonuses" available above.

Ryan Miller

Hi Scott,

I am reading your new book now and just had a few questions about Typepad. Typepad says they have a very good ecommerce system with ebay or paypal but you say otherwise, can you please go into a little more detail why typepad isn't good for ecommerce. Also for a mid sized business looking to start a blog is the 89/m business level necessary?


Scott Fox, Author of Internet Riches and e-Riches 2.0

Hi Ryan,
Good question.
Typepad's e-commerce capabilities are likely improving all the time.
But my point is more that Typepad is not designed as an e-commerce system. It is designed to be a blogging, web site, and content management/publishing tool.
If you want to open a store, I would look at look more at e-commerce store platforms (although Typepad might still serve as a good front-end platform for your content - this is what I do with ScottFox.com, for example).

For your 2nd question, the $89/month level strikes me as unnecessary unless you want priority support or expect truly large traffic. I run 19 different blogs/sites under my one Typepad account and have never needed to upgrade past the $14.95/month level.

Thanks for reading e-Riches 2.0!



I want to build a website, not a blog. I know that both are possible with Typepad, but are there any websites out there that offer good, reliable web-hosting and site-building services?

Thanks Scott. Your book was great and I have a great site idea. If I can get this site up and running, I will definitely mention your help.


Scott Fox

Hi Ron,
This is not as difficult a decision as it was 10 years ago.
Please read this blog post:
I'll bet this helps.

Best regards,
Scott Fox

p.s. I'm glad that you enjoyed my book. But did you know I have TWO books? You might want to check out my newer one, e-Riches 2.0: Next Generation Online Marketing Strategies if you have already read my first one, Internet Riches.


Congratulations Scott! I loved Internet Riches and have just started reading e-Riches and I cannot put it down. These books are definately life-changing. Thank you so much.

Richard Design

Hi, is it possible to get your book in ebook form?



Scott Fox, Click Millionaires

Thank you for reading, Sandra!

Richard - It depends on what you mean by "ebook". If you mean a free pdf download, then no. (Although the first chapter of e-Riches 2.0 is available free as a PDF if you join my newsletter list above!)
But if you mean an electronic reader version like Kindle, then yes. Both Internet Riches and e-Riches 2.0 are available at Amazon.com in Kindle format.

I hope that helps. Thanks for visiting.

Damion Drake

I agree as well. I started out in Word Press but soon found myself loving Typepad more when a friend gave me a demo.

I have been using it for awhile now and love it. The only concern I have is that I have been hearing that Google still prefers Word Press sites over Typepad. But there is not enough evidence for me to switch right now. I like Typepad too much.

Scott Fox, Click Millionaires

Thanks for the supportive comment, Damion. I appreciate you visiting and joining the discussion.


Hi Scott, I read that it's easier to add photos to Wordpress than to Typepad. Do you agree? My blog will be about nature photography, so of course I'd like the process of uploading photos to be as simple as possible.

I have another question... I already have a site on Flickr. Would I be penalized by the SE's if I uploaded the same photo and text to both my blog and my Flickr site?

Best wishes,


You look like the host on amazing race :)

Scott Fox, Click Millionaires

Hi Peggy - I'd say the photo uploading process is roughly the same. What is better on WP is the ability to add meta data easily (like title and ALT tags). This can be helpful for search engine optimization.

If your Flickr account and web site are exactly alike, there might be a "duplicate content" penalty. But I'm sure you'll have other, differentiating pages, plus different content surrounding the pics on your site than Flickr will provide. I expect that will be enough to keep you from worrying about it.

Hi Kelso - Thanks?

Scott Fox

Howard Webber

Just wanted to give a quick "great job" for both your ebooks. I am just starting "e-Riches" and can see that it is written with the same quality as "Internet Riches." I have implemented much of what "Internet Riches" teaches and have been seeing solid results ever since.

Thanks again for these great resources.



Thanks for the information. A very informative one i was looking for it.


I am reading your new book now and just had a few questions about Typepad. Typepad says they have a very good ecommerce system with ebay or paypal but you say otherwise, can you please go into a little more detail why typepad isn't good for ecommerce. Also for a mid sized business looking to start a blog is the 89/m business level necessary?

Scott Fox, Click Millionaires

Hello Howard and Allen,

Thanks very much for visiting to comment. I'm glad the information I share has been so helpful to you!

Typepad is specialized for easy publishing of web sites and blogs. Yes, you can easily link away from a Typepad site to use eBay or Paypal (I do this myself occasionally).

But if you want to run a "real" e-commerce site, you should use a "real" e-commerce provider. I would look at Yahoo Stores or Big Commerce as examples of that.

Then you can use Typepad for your blog or web site that promotes the products you sell in the stores.

Your second question: No, the $89/month level is definitely NOT necessary. Of course it depends on your needs, but the basic $9 or $19/month levels are adequate for almost anything you'd be planning as a new blogger.

I hope that's helpful.

Scott Fox


Yes, typepad is really amazing. Thanks for sharing such important article with us.


I just discovered typepad a few months ago and I have to admit it's really awesome. This article just strengthens this claim. Thanks for sharing this

Greet Verellen

Till now I am not using Type pad format. Thanks for sharing this message. I am definitly going to give a try.


Typepad is definitely one of the best blogging platforms online and I say this because I got many nice compliments about my blogs which use Typepad platform. I really like the results I get from my blogs.

Sitikantha Pattnaik

Until reading your post I am using word press for blogging. After reading your post, I go through the Type pad and it is amazing. I find it great. Thanks for sharing this post and let others know about Type pad blog.

Scott Fox, Click Millionaires

Thank you all for commenting.

I'm glad to help spread the word about Typepad. Wordpress is good, too, but Typepad still works great for me!

Scott Fox


Another interesting post. Typepad is really a big help for those who are doing business online.

Account Deleted

Till now I am using word press and after reading your post I am taking chance at Type pad blogging and I am feeling the change. It is really great for my web business. Thanks for sharing this useful post.


I'm a WordPress developer and one who previously used TypePad, and I can say that WordPress has come a long way. Hopefully, the momentum it has won't over-complicate the platform. Typepad has its plus side too, but I like the extensibility of WP.


This is the second time hearing about TypePad, I think I'll give it a try.
Thanks for the post


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